Seminary Book Rental is dedicated to helping seminary students exchange books with each other instead of buying them. This saves money for people renting books and creates income for book owners.

Large Investment
We understand your substantial investment in your books. That's why we have created a system to make sure the book is returned.
Late Fees
The book renter has 30 days to return the book after the semester ends. After that, a late fee of $1 a day will be charged to their credit card. Once the late fees reach the retail price of the book, the lender is allowed to keep the book. In the event the book is not returned, we give you the money to replace your book. This gives you the confidence to monetize your valuable collection.

Monetize Your Books
You set the rental fee for the semester. We suggest $7.50 per book per semester, but you can set whatever rental fee you like. We also allow you to set the replacement cost of the book.
The person renting the book will be charged the shipping costs for you to send the book. The Postal Service will ship any size book within the Louisville area for $3. Once the book is delivered and the borrower confirms receipt, we will send you the rental fee plus shipping costs.

Help Your Fellow Students
In a lot of ways Seminary students are in this together. You and your fellow students want to see the Gospel spread. In Acts, they shared whatever they had. We hope this site facilitates this biblical principle.

We are still in the development stages with this website. If you would like to know when we finish, please sign up. more...
Save Money
We understand the amount of books needed by seminary students. We hope to provide rentals on some of these books.
If the owner agrees to exchange the book face to face, most rentals will cost $15 plus $3 to ship the book back to the owner.
The Postal service will deliver a book within the Louisville area for $3. When you return the book, give us the tracking number to avoid late fees.
Late Fees
You have 30 days after the semester ends to return the book. After that, $1 a day will be charged until the full retail costs of the book is reached or the book is returned.
Failed Transactions
If a book owner has not contacted you, or you have not received the tracking number for your book after 5 business days. We will contact the owner. If the book cannot be delivered, we will refund your money.
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